Molecules of Emotion…Contemporary art by Gregory

Quick Version

My moods are like the British weather, and I talk a lot about the weather.
...dribble, drizzle,spitting,spotting,raining cats and dogs or just pissing it down, it doesnt really matter
as I sit in a darkened room; but the weather is still here. Colour doesnt exist. Emotions exist. 
Emotions colour our lifes, therefore emotions are colourful.
 Gregory, 2011.

Long version

Molecules of Emotion…Contemporary art by Gregory

I create paintings. They are me, they are my emotions in paint. In viewing my art you are sharing my experience. Sharing  within time and space.

Molecules of Emotion, painting by Gregory,channels

Channels 2011

To understand my art I needed to build a foundation from which it could grow. I was reading a book about the science of emotions, a bit heavy but do-able ( Re:The feelings of what happens by Antonio Damasio) and he states that we all have underlying channels of emotions which occur in the background of every one of us. Often we are not aware of them, but they are there.

I then started to look at how I could depict the layers where they …are MoE’s would exist. In this next painting, I tried to imagine being a microscope and zooming into some unknown world. The difficulty is describing the environment.

Layers by Gregory, Molecules of Emotion

Layers 2011

Here you can see how I have made the layers to give the impression of depth to my work. Since this painting I have asked the question “should I try to depict boundaries, when MoE’s transgress all boundaries within the body as well as theiir ability to deliver a cause and effect outside of the body?” Mmm, well to some degree boundaries may be beneficial in my paintings, it will just come down to my artistic interpretation of the MoE’s environment at any givin time.