In the Office… Orifice Art

Pogue Mahone,contemporary art by Gregory,kiss my arse in gaelic, molecules of emotion, acrylic painting by the artist Gregory,

Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone | Kiss my Arse

Inspired by  the “bottom” draw of a radiology department.

Orifice in the office.

Arses in the office,

I’ve worked with many, Oh now i’m free. Subtlety of message adds to my work.

Double entendre

Oooh, er!

Double entendre is an art in itself and if done well, I think can provide is  some of the best humour on the planet. I was brought up on a diet of Bob Monkhouse and the world famous exponant of the single entendre… Mr.Benny Hill. TV world has definitely left its mark on my art. The non-understanders will not suffer any significant harm and chidren will definitely not be aware of any hidden meanings. In other words, Safe Art.

 aka Bum Art

I have a series of paintings in mind for this part of my Molecules of Emotion collection. I hope to have them completed by the end of February 🙂