Living the Art

Molecules of Emotion (MoE) is my new project, an art project, which for me has become my “staff of life.” It is the means by which I stay in existence, my companion, my sounding board, my trusting voice. The start of my MoE’s goes back to 2008 the year  in which I self-destructed. The only thing I had left was my art!

” I am not a number “. 

Yes, we really are just a number, being processed by the state to be as productive for the state as possible. You can’t escape it. You are a “Prisoner” just like Patrick McGoohan’s character No.6  As prisoners we accept the routine and tug our forelock for our daily bread. I too was a prisoner who tried to escape, but only found myself as a prisoner in another world; a world of solitary confinement, deprived by weeks of sleeplessness, hallucinations, and a total loss of values.

“Time didn’t exist”

I sleep when I’m able, there have been days when I have slept some 16 hours straight, and then sleeplessness would sometimes stay for a week. The clock on the wall was irrelevant. A week without sleep has its good points though, as I am very productive with my art. My MoE’s are buzzing. Now my art has become life itself. A day doesn’t pass where a pen, pencil or brush stays idle on my desk.  Every day is abound with new discoveries, as I try to make sense of the emotions which emerge.

Origin of the MoE’s

MoE’s take the shape of ovals. They come in different sizes and shapes and sometimes they are not easily seen at all. MoE’s are natural and they are part and parcel of this planet, they are inextricably linked, not only at a molecular level, (as a communication system within our bodies) but as landmarks (natural and man-made) in, on and under the countryside. So in my paintings you will find my personal MoE’s as well as observed ones, not necessarily at the same time, but I’ll never say never.

The Guardians

I have also incorporated a narrative in my art, which I’ve called the “Guardians”. They are the instigators  and protectors of our emotions.  They command, and  instruct the winged messengers (moths) to communicate and disseminate their messages. Why moths? well because they are usually nocturnal and unseen creatures who quietly visit us, deliver a message and leave us again without  a trace.

The creation of Molecules of Emotion

Creation of MoE's

You can easily make out the 2 Guardians, one in white the other gold. They are supervising the creation of our emotions. Their ancient language, a mixture of line and colour, determines the archaic but potent delivery of our emotions.

Creation of Molecules of Emotion by Gregory

Each MoE-pod, is unique for the emotion created. Unlike Suzuki. Yes, you will have to put up with the “humour” as well, I have too!

Creation of Molecules of Emotion by Gregory

I use a mixture of painted and sprayed acrylic paints to build up my painting. Then finished with gloss varnish to give the painting a protective coating that will last for many years. The “Creation of MoE’s” is on professional exhibition quality canvas and it is unframed. I tend to keep all my paintings rolled up prior to stretching and framing, it saves a little on space.