MoI Sketchbooks

Molecules of Inspiration

” MoI’s”, are my Molecules of Inspiration.The MoI’s are my sketchbooks  I can easily draw my way through several books a month, more than 80 pictures  a month.

I have two sentences which I feel sum up  the  direction of my thoughts which influence my MoI pictures (I admit though, I’ve pinched these from Einstein ).

    • “…the end game of what I do is experience”…and…
    • “…search for the simplest of concepts and their connections.”
Sgairneach Mhor,drawing, pencil drawing,coloured pencils,colored pencil drawing, inspiration for a new painting by Gregory,

Sgairneach Mhor

MoI’s are my breeding ground for MoE’s.


I need plenty of it, paper that is, and it needs to be tough. Why ? Because I’m a heavy handed ******

         Art  Materials information

    • I use black paper, spiral ringed display book 220 gsm card.  With a wide diameter spine.

Punk Art

At 3 am this morning  I attacked the MoI book. Stabbing, wrenching, strangling the life out of it.  The quiet of the house, couldn’t stifle the screams of pencil on paper.   My son edged (crept, crawled) by my studio, glanced and departed , but I was too busy to engage, work to do.
Punk picture,molecules of emotion,art by Gregory, molecules of inspiration drawing,pencil drawing,coloured pencil drawings,coloured pencil drawing,coloured pencil art,

Art Notes

Long notes really peas me off,  It’s marks which help me paint, let the process begin.

    • I use few keynote words or a  sentence or two.

 Artists…Sketchbooks…Private =  FEAR  their work is gonna get nicked…Really?

Molecules of emotion, drawings by Gregory,tautology,artists sketchbooks,seawhite sketchbooks,

Tautology 1


“…unnecessary or unessential (and sometimes unintentional) repetition of meaning, using different and dissimilar words that effectively say the same thing” Have you been taut today?

To draw is to breath. Pencils, pastels, chalk,  ink. Always to hand, never put away, NO good in a box… they’re not working.

 Art  Materials information 

    • Coloured pencils: Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth Polycolor, Derwent Drawing, Derwent Studio, Crayola Colour.