Yo Picasso, no it’s Yo MoE Picasso

    • Translation: Yo = I

My Uncle told me that Picasso had stayed in my Grandfathers’ house in the south of France during the war years, after my Grandparents family which included my Mother by the way, and they escaped from the Nazis to England.  My next wild painting is loosely based on this photo.

Yo Picasso, Yo MoE Picasso, Molecules of Inspiration,art by Gregory,abstract art,

Yo Picasso

Yo Picasso, no it’s Yo MoE Picasso MoI

Here is my initial drawing from my  MoI  book. Personally I prefer the drawing to the painting, or perhaps I’m just too close to it at the moment. and a MoE painting. Here is the MoI

Yo MoE Picasso drawing, drawing by the artist Gregory,how to draw a Picasso picture,draw like Picasso,

MoI drawing Yo MoE Picasso

Yo Picasso, no it’s Yo MoE Picasso painting

I really enjoyed getting into this painting, by taking away some of the barriers. Freeing my approach by using long handled brushes and no drawing out the composition before hand. I have also been reading a copy of the memoirs my Mother gave me about her narrow escape, I think I will try to talk with her a little more to try to get the feelings that she and her family were experiencing at that significant time in their history.

Yo MoE Picasso painting by Gregory, Picasso painting,paint like Picasso, Molecules of Emotion

I have mixed feelings over this piece of art, I think I will roll it up for a couple of months and then take a fresh look at it. Your critiques are invited, please let me know how you feel about Yo MoE Picasso.