2Years 2Wars : Small exhibition by Sgt Major Douglas Farthing

I enjoy walking around the arboretum generally just to take the air and for the peace and quiet and  beauty of the grounds. Yesterday though, I had an unexpected bonus as I noticed there was a small exhibition by Sergeant Major Douglas Farthing, depicting his time in Afghanistan. Here are a few of his paintings:

Painting by war artist Douglas Farthing, emotions of painting in a war zone, army artist,painting in Afghanistan,

I wished I had time to record more of the individual titles of these works but I had been taken to the Arboretum and my fellow companions where leaving for the car when I noticed the paintings….

Art by the artist Sergeant Douglas Farthing, war art from Afghanistan,paintings of soldiers sitting against a compound wall,

Soldiers getting a little rest in the shade of a compound wall, I’m sure it was a much welcomed rest at that. I wouldn’t like to have to carry all their equipment  in temperatures over 40 degrees….phew!!

Douglas Farthing is a soldier who paints the war zones which he has been sent to. war paintings from Afghanistan,war art on ammunition boxes,

I suppose you can get comfortable anywhere when you have no other option. Heat, flies, smells, dogs etc.

Sunrise morning patrol by British paratroops painted by Douglas Farthing, war art by Farthing of British troops in Afghanistan,painting pictures of soldiers doing the everyday routine patrols in a war zone.

Is this the morning patrol? Or the end of a days work, I will have to go back and find out!

Ammo box painting of war against the Taliban painted by Douglas Farthing,four panel painting using acrylic paint,

I do like how Douglas has used some wooden military boxes to paint this fire fight with the Taliban.I have seen similar from WW1 &WW2.

Douglas Farthing artist of war paintings, acrylic painting of fighting scenes in Afghanistan,

Close -up

The contact here is certainly at  very close quarters, with tracers flying across the scene.

Douglas Farthing war artist drawing and painting local scenes in Afghanistan, his paintings are acrylic on paper, board and wood,

National Memorial Arboretum

Inspiration for Artists

I’m lucky to only be a couple of miles away from the NMA at Alrewas in Staffordshire. Yesterday was bright and breezy and its a pleasure to walk around this well planned and maintained site of remembrance. I was inspired by the vast array of drawing opportunities which are available.  I generally use my digital camera but the pictures above are from my phone.

Everywhere I looked I found something that interested me, whether it was the patterns of the trees or the masons marks on granite or Portland stone it soon became a sensory overload.

National Memorial Arboretum near Alrewas in Staffordshire, a great place to inspire artists,dont forget to take your sketch books and pencils,

Dont forget your camera or sketch book if you venture to the National Arboretum, there are a couple of large huts to sit in if the weather turns against you, but personally I would head back to the main arrival centre as there is a restaurant with a fair menu.

Art Gallery

There is also a small permanent display of WW2 art from a prisoner of war camp controlled by the Japanese. If it isn’t too busy next time I go, I will photograph those pictures.

Parking is a couple of £’s but its free to get in.

National Memorial Arboretum