Early abstraction, part 2 of many.

I’ve started to unwrap the work that I created last year which I have never shown to anyone before today. I believe  this was due to my own insecurity about showing abstract work…in my mind it wasn’t good enough, people don’t like this sort of work….its rubbish… in fact I used stronger expletives than “rubbish”!

Well here I go, and I will start with my interpretation of part of the London riots from last summer:

Reeves Corner London Riots 2011

Reeves Corner was one of the centres for high emotions last year, with the blazing fires from a rioted furniture store. I painted this picture whilst watching the live action on the tv. The fire is represented with the orange and white on the right hand side. The lightening effect is the connection of water with the firefighters, who’s work was rather an ineffective stream towards the fire, which was to become pervasive that night in London.

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Reeves Corner London Riots 2011

the blackness represents the  shadows behind them, with unknown elements; perhaps more rioters or just apprehensive neighbours or the press getting their photographs. Though I felt it was a band of  apathy, yellow and white, with people unable to truly deliver any positive action.

The morning after brought sensational newspaper headlines and pictures, but  it brought  much more, it brought a depth of feeling for the loss of a local business but more so the loss of a local landmark and the disgrace of the people who perpetrated this action.