Molecules of Inspiration [2012 sketchbook No.2, p 29-31]

43 Temple Row

When I get the chance to wonder around a city, I take the advantage of the time to record the sights which appeal to my emotions. 43 Temple Row, Birmingham was just one such building.

Temple Row makes up one side of the city landscape which circumscribes  the Cathedral,which is a good bolt hole should the weather turns inclement. It also holds another benefit of hosting the work of one of Birmingham’s pre-Raphaelite artists; and a favourite of mine Edward Burne-Jones. He designed the stain glass windows, they’re well worth a visit to see.

Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Photo credit: Cea.)

To describe the emotions I felt were rather mixed but the I edged towards the feeling of awe, due to an environment which is generally out of my comfort zone.

Awe, according to the “wheel of emotions”  states that it is a combination of fear and surprise. I wasn’t fearful, but it was in the proximity of that area in which my emotions landed.

Then it was back to the studio to  begin the basic drawing. I worked the drawings in soft pastels, working quickly to remove any laboured look, and in so doing I aimed to avoid too much control over the action of my hands. I say hands, because I like to shoot from the shoulder to get the best movement into my drawing.

43 Temple Row Birmingham... a molecule of inspiration, a pastel drawing by the contemporary artist Gregory,soft pastels of blue,white and yellow ochre, drawn in 2012 by Gregory, sketchbook drawings by the artist Gregory,

43 Temple Row Birmingham: pastel sketch 1

Art Materials Information

    •  Soft pastels
    •  Black Biro
    •  Black  spiral ringed display book 220 gsm card
43 Temple Row Birmingham is a pastel drawing within the Gregory's molecule of inspiration sketchbook series,a pastel sketch by the new artist based in the midlands,Gregory the artist bases at the core of his work the emotions he feels about a place,

43 Temple Row Birmingham, pastel sketch 2

Molecule of Inspiration

In my MoI’s, I will often expand my work by combining two drawings and re-working them into a new picture. Then I will put the books away for a while , then I can return with a fresh pair of eyes and see whether I can use them to act as a reference for a final painting.

In sketch 3, I added a black Biro to give a top layer of texture and patterning.

43 Temple Row Birmingham is one of a series of three sketches in my  "molecule of inspiration" books,drawings are by the artist Gregory, Gregory is a mature and professional artist based in Tamworth, Staffordshire,

43 Temple Row Birmingham, pastel sketch 3