Should an artist exhibit his early art work?

I’m going to say yes. Because my Mother just gave me some of my earliest drawings. And I would like to share them, if only for their amusement qualities.

For me it goes without saying, that some of my happiest of times as a child was spent with paper and pencils. The subject of my art was never a worry, with no artistic blocks, or brain battles of  “will people like my work?”  These pictures were drawn without all the adult hang-ups which could interrupt the process of drawing. just the pleasure of letting the mind take the pencil and create.

Gregory is a modern artist, this is an example of his earliest art aged 5,

Early drawing by Gregory 1

When the letter “S” was easier to write the wrong way round, but I like how abstract the work is, a primitive and immediate gratification in and of art.  Art just happened…except  know, I can explain my feelings associated with my drawings.

Early childhood drawings by contemporary artist Gregory, Gregory draws a train in coloured pencils,these form part of his earliest drawing experiences,

Early drawing by Gregory No.2 "I Like the Trains"

This was a time when Facebook hadn’t claim the mass rights on “Like”! I do like how I drew the train across the full width of the page.

An early childhood drawing by the artist Gregory,pencil art at the age of 5,

Early drawing by Gregory No.3.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any recollection of drawing these pictures.  Though to me, they are full of emotional value.