My daughter  forced me out of the studio yesterday under the “fresh air will do you good” card. Though to my surprise her intentions were more than just a concern for my health;  for she was taking me to Chatsworth House to see the Caro exhibition in the grounds of this wonderful Stately home.

Sir Anthony Caro

Caro is considered by many to be the leading British sculptor of our times, and frankly I agree. The reason for me is that of the ability of his works to stimulate my imagination and see the many relationships between the juxtaposition of colours and shapes. I could spend a lot of time just looking at the works void of the environment in which they are placed. Then to add the vista of Chatsworth’s gardens then you have an orchestration of  visual emotions blowing your mind.

Sir Anthony Caro british sculptor at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, metal painted sculpture,orange steel plates in grass,

"Capitol" 1960 with "Double tent" in the background. Sir Anthony Caro

I started from the far end of the lake and worked my way back slowly to the house. Though you can start your tour anywhere, I just have to take the shortest route.

Sir Anthony Caro's exhibition of sculptures being displayed at Chatsworth house,modern sculpture by the leading British artist Sir Anthony Caro,

"Capitol" 1960 Sir Anthony Caro

The sky was full of billowing clouds, adding another dimension of movement as they played  light patterns on the orange paint of “Capitol”.

This is a close up of a sculpture by Sir Anthony Caro, a strong metal structure,

"Capitol" 1960 Sir Anthony Caro

Then only a few feet away was this beautiful piece ” Sculpture Seven”. This piece held my attention for quiet a while.

painted metal sculpture by Sir Anthony Caro, sculpture in the grounds of Chatsworth house,

"Sculpture Seven" 1961. Sir Anthony Caro

I look at this and imagine the numerous colour combinations which I could draw this in. Note how the base plate on the left reflects itself in the upright, to make the steel look transparent.

long bar sculpture by Sir Anthony Caro, steel girders placed on on top of another,

"Sculpture Seven" 1961. Sir Anthony Caro

"Sculpture Seven" 1961. Sir Anthony Caro

Moving along Caro’s timeline I next encountered “Lock” 1962. I will make a supposition that the inspiration originates from a canal lock rather than anything else, but I will have to do a little research.

Lock 1962 by Sir Anthony Caro,Lock made by the artist Sir Anthony Caro at Chatsworth 2012,

"Lock" 1962. Sir Anthony Caro

April showers, are only to be expected her among the Peak district hills and valleys, but the showers didn’t last very long before the sun was out again.

Sir Anthony Caro the "Lock" constructed in 1962, Caro is a leading British artist and a member of the Royal Acadamy,

"Lock" 1962. Sir Anthony Caro

I only wished I had a step-ladder to take some high shots of these sculptures…that said…I would only have sunk into the soft ground. Perhaps becoming an unwanted artistic feature!

1962 the "Lock" by Sir Anthony Caro, top British artist and sculptor,

"Lock" 1962. Sir Anthony Caro

I will start the next post with the “Double Tent”, there is a distant view of the sculpture in the first picture. All being well that should be tomorrow.