Double Tent 1987-93

A fascinating array of forms and  lines will greet the viewer of the “Double Tent” as they approach this formidable and intriguing shape in the countryside.

I feel that there are elements of Caro’s master, Henry Moore, within this structure. That said, I do enjoy taking my time and ruminating until an unexpected  and hopefully an inspirational aspect is revealed to me from within the sculpture.

Anthony Caro Double Tent is a modern piece of sculpture to be found in a landscape setting,Anthony Caro leads the way in British contemporary sculpture,

I try to feel the emotional values of  the sculpture. I can use these emotions to inspire my future drawings. And there is so much to see within this work, thankfully my camera is quicker for note taking than my sketchbook and I’m sure you too will be busy engaging with “Double Tent”. p.s. a black umbrella bottom right trying to add to piece!

Anthony Caro has made an emotional piece of sculpture which arrests the viewer and makes one look at the detail,

Sir Anthony Caro "Double Tent" 1987-93

It is easy to see the play of light against the silver, it is constantly changing, communicating with you and talking about  its environment.

Anthony Caro has made an emotional piece of sculpture, a silver coloured piece of sculpture called Double Tent,

Sir Anthony Caro "Double Tent" 1987-93.

Caro's art speaks of emotions, this sculpture called Double Tent  was built in 1987,

Sir Anthony Caro "Double Tent" 1987-93


“Egyptian”, is the title of Caro’s next exhibit, this speaks of strength and timelessness. A piece which may, hopefully, last as long as pyramids.

Anthony Caro "Egyptian" sculpture, UK sculpture,modern sculpture,sculpture exhibition,

Sir Anthony Caro "Egyptian" 1999-2001

I have been fortunate to have visited Egypt, and I can relate with this work. There are strong correlations between this sculpture and with the ancient architecture which you can find in Egypt.

Sir Anthony Caro Egyptian steel sculpture,caro light effects on his sculptures,contemporary sculpture by British artist Caro,metal art sculptures,

Sir Anthony Caro "Egyptian" 1999-2001

As with the ancients Caro has subtle and often overlooked aspects of the work, and I feel I have gained more than the majority of people who casually stroll by and miss an essential ingredient.

As you will see in my final picture, Caro puts in little places of interest that could be missed by the viewer.

Sir Anthony Caro world renown modern sculptor of steel and iron, exhibited in the Derbyshire countryside,

Sir Anthony Caro "Egyptian" 1999-2001

Sir Anthony Caro's hidden aspects of his sculptures are fun to find, sculpture for sale would be very expensive,

Sir Anthony Caro "Egyptian" 1999-2001

Part 3 coming soon.