Continuing with more of my drawings in the “pareidolia” series. I have tried to analyse some of my thoughts about the construction and choice of colours within each of the works; how difficult can that be?

Well for me it was extremely difficult, because I was focussing on the process of producing my work and using my “gut” feeling to complete my drawings. Then I had a eureka moment and discovered that I had a second brain.

My Second Brain

Apparently its true, we all have two brains, the second one being in the bowels, so the saying “I have a gut feeling”  is not fiction. The little brain is connected to the big brain and there is constant communication between the two [ via the vagus nerve].

The “Belly Brain” also produces 90% of the body’s serotonin. A very important component in regulating our moods. I’m sure you will agree with me in that “mood” is important for every artist, without it, we would be poorer artists.

Molecules of Inspiration [2012 sketchbook No.2, p 31]


A pastel drawing by Gregory titled "Beeston" drawn in 2012, Beeston forms part of the Molecules of Emotion series of paintings by the modern artist Gregory,

Gregory,2012. MoE,"Beeston"

All of my drawings are based on the  “pictures in the clouds” phenomenon which I find in the landscape of the countryside. I then develop a relationship between shapes and the colours, and I must now say  with the feelings which come from my ” Belly Brain,” what  sounds better “gut feeling” of “Belly Brain”?

These pictures… actually exist on the ground, I just add the artistic and emotional elements to bring about a finished drawing.

Molecules of Inspiration [2012 sketchbook No.2, p 33]

“Dancer 2”

This picture is titled "Dancer2" by the artist Gregory, fine art is available from Gregory's website,

Gregory 2012 MoI "Dancer "

The “Dancer” is a fitting but arbitrary title, as it is with all of the drawings on this post. Once I have created the finished painting I will re-appraise the titles if they feel inappropriate.

Molecules of Inspiration [2012 sketchbook No.2, p 36]

“Dulcote Man”

a pastel drawing titled "dulcote man" by the artist Gregory, using an unusual pastel drawing technique,Gregory uses pastel pencils in some of his drawings,

Gregory,2012. MoI, "Dulcote Man"

I like the feeling of action in “Dulcote Man”  perhaps  in a canoe. riding the rapids.  You may like to share your interpretation of my pictures. It would be interested to know what you feel and see in my pictures. They may even look better if  they are turned upside down!

Molecules of Inspiration [2012 sketchbook No.3, p 10]

” The Jig”

"The Gig" a drawing by Gregory, fine art drawing in pastel by the artist Gregory,

Gregory,2012. MoI, "The Jig"

The “Jig”,  has turned out as a lively and decorative pastel and pencil drawing. In my eyes I see a dancing bear or a “Wooki” out of Star Wars!