Molecules of Emotion Musilanguage 7 “Quiet Mind”

“Quiet Mind”, a state of peace and bodily rest is my underlying thoughts in Musilanguage No.7.  I have concentrated on the layering  of a matrix for the movement of emotions throughout the layers.

Gregory's latest Molecules of Emotion painting is called Musilanguage 7, Gregory uses many acrylic painting techniques to achieve the finished result, final elements include acrylic spray paint often metallic in colour,

Gregory,2012. MoE, “Musilanguage 7”.

I feel the quietness and depth within this painting, with its “words” just emerging before forming an audible noise, perhaps it is just the beginning of  a mundane and routine thought. There again, it may be a Eureka moment!

Gregory new painting is "Musilanguage 7",a painting using acrylics by the modernist Gregory,

Gregory, 2012. MoE “Musilanguage 7”.

With a green acrylic fibre finish within this oval, it correlates with “acceptance” on Plutchik’s ”Wheel of Emotions”. Therefore he may well be correct, because with acceptance comes quietness, not necessarily verbal quietness, but quiet of mind.

Gregory, 2012. MoE Musilanguage 7".

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Musilanguage 7”.

Describing Musilanguage 7

According to EARL (Emotion Annotation and Representation Language)  “Quiet positive” offers several descriptive words to use :-

  • Calm
  • Content
  • Relaxed
  • Relieved
  • Serene
Gregory offers original artwork for sale,a modern artists painters,contemporary landscape painter of the abstract genre,

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Musilanguage 7”.

Do you think  you would use any of those words to describe this painting, or do you feel differently?

abstract art paintings by Gregory of Molecules of Emotion,a modern abstract painter based in Tamworth in Staffordshire,

Gregory.2012. MoE,Musilanguage 7″.

Time to get back to work, I have to prime a new canvas for my next Pareidolia  painting. I will be choosing ” The Jig” from  my MoI books and you can find the drawing  in my post  My Feelings My Second Brain.