Emotion Reversed in Left-Handers’ Brains

I am still busy painting, but during a coffee break  I came across an interesting article in a mag, and I thought I would share it alongside a couple of my recent drawings.

[Motivation, the drive to approach or withdraw from physical and social stimuli, is a basic building block of human emotion. For decades, scientists have believed that approach motivation is computed mainly in the left hemisphere of the brain, and withdraw motivation in the right hemisphere. Brookshire and Casasanto’s study challenges this idea,  completely reverses in left-handers].

Gregory's Molecules of Emotion drawing, pastel drawing by the contemporary artist Gregory,

Gregory, 2012. MoI, “Wire in the Mind”

A New Link Between Motor Action and Emotion

[Neural circuits for motivation may be functionally related to circuits that control hand actions… emotion may be built upon neural circuits for action, in evolutionary or developmental time.”]

With a link between emotional motivation and motor control (the hand doing the drawing).

Pastel and coloured pencil drawing from Gregory,Gregory is a fine artist delivering an original concept in modern art.

Gregory, 2012.          MoI, “March “