“Death’s Head Hawk over Orange”

As much as I enjoy the physical experience of painting, I have recently wonder if the “new media” is just as satisfying. So in between canvases I took myself off to the Photoshop package on my computer and had a go!

I can certainly see a few benefits of doing digital art, such as the ease of storage and the reduced expenses of  painting materials. The digital artist must be laughing… well now, aren’t they just great emotions.

As for the digital picture,  there is no drying time to consider and I wasn’t splashed with paint or inks. But, and there has to be a but, because I would like to know if the digital art and painted canvas could be considered to be of equal weighting.

First Attempt

digital art of "Death's head Hawk moth" by Gregory, Gregory is an artist who is an exponent of many artistic abilities,digital fine art offers print buyers a great selection of art prints,

Gregory,2012. Molecules of Emotion “Death’s head over Orange”

Then a little colour to the moth, over Orange refers to the embossed landscape of orange groves in Spain, which  visited a few years ago.

Completed “Death’s head over Orange”

digital fine art of the Death's head hawk moth by the artist Gregory,here Gregory is comparing digital images with his paintings titled death head over orange,

Gregory,2012. Molecules of Emotion “Death’s head over Orange.”                      (Click for larger view)

“Death’s head with Musilanguage”

Now you can make a comparison with the painted  “Death’s head”. I quickly photograph this  painting  and then realised that I don’t have consider how daylight acts on producing a photo.

With the sun is streaming across the painting, I had to do some adjustments to the images…just so time-consuming.

"Death's head hawk moth with musilanguage" forms part of the  Gregory's art collection, Gregory's work is based on his emotions and interactions with life, acryic painting is being compared with digital art,

Gregory,2011. MoE, “Death’s head with Musilanguage”

[Please note: the undulating surface is because it is not framed and it was in storage]

Death's head hawk moth with musilanguage is the title of Gregory's latest painting, it is painted and sprayed with acrylic metal paint,

Gregory,2011. MoE, “Death’s head with musilanguage”

The title of this painting by Gregory is "Death's head hawk moth with musilanguage" artist Gregory is on Face Book look for Molecules of Emotion,

Gregory, 2011. MoE,”Death’s head with musilanguage”.