I have had a very productive couple of weeks in the studio and this morning I took some time out to take photos. I have completed four more of the “pareidolia” series of paintings. The first painting I completed  “Jig”, was from the drawing posted in  My feelings & Second Brain

"Jig" is the title of a painting by the artist Gregory in his series of art called Molecules of Emotion, this is a modern acrylic painting,

Gregory, 2012. MoE,”Jig”.

I have faded out the strong lines in the finished painting to give a quality of “what is that”. An element of discovery to the painting, so, hopefully you will take a closer look at the half hidden side of image.

Details of “Jig”

This is a painting by the artist Gregory, Gregory is painting imagined and internal feelings which give rise to his collection Molecules of Emotion, this artwork is titled "Jig",

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Jig”.

The images I perceive, are gained from a diversity of  farmer’s fields and a few trees and bushes and country stuff. But, and I’m sure you’ll agree that I see things differently…I’m diversifying….or playing is a better word, with my  feelings as I am painting.

"Jig" a painting in the Molecules of Emotion collection by the artist Gregory, this is a close up of the painting showing the intrinsic details,

Gregory,2012. MoE, “Jig”.

A pareidolia painting by the modern artist Gregory, painted in acrylic and acrylic spray paints, this is modern art about human feelings and the environments we find ourselves in,

Gregory,2012. MoE, “Jig”.

"Jig" by Gregory. a modern artist in touch with his feelings and paints from the heart and mind,enjoyment and fear are but two emotions shown here,

Gregory,2012, MoE “Jig”

Gregory a contemporary artist from Staffordshire who paints in an emotional psychological way, mental health is important to Gregory a he has little of it,

Gregory,2012. MoE,”Jig”.

I will bring you part “deux” tomorrow.