My journey continues with my pareidolia series, and I can see a familiar image taking shape in the fields about me, one of my thoughts when painting this was: “HOW MUCH… £2012 for a seat at the Olympics” I’d run for that money. I could buy enough canvas to last me till next year! Then back to painting:

This painting is also known as "No3" an acrylic and ink painting is part of the Molecules of Emotion collection,contemporary art by Gregory,

Gregory,2012. MoE, Pareidolia series “No.312”

No.312 or should that be “Running for canvas”, was a painting I felt really good about myself . I felt good during the process of painting and in the completed picture.

a close detail of painting "312" by the modern artist Gregory, pareidolia image looks like a man running for his life,the upper part of the figure is white with trouser leg green and red,

Gregory,2012. Moe, Pareidolia series “No.312”

For me, emotions are what makes us human, everything else is optional. Painting fires up the emotions and this is when I am at my best as a person, I need the process of painting as a fix. Add to that  the isolation I need in my studio and I can focus my cognition on the task. Emotions, known and unknown take effect.

Here is the lower right hand corner of the painting,you can see the the various layers of detail which Gregory puts into his painting,different coloured inks are used in the background and red, white and green acrylic paint make up the fore ground,

Gregory,2012. MoE, Pareidolia series”No.312″

this is the head of the figure perceived in the painting, you can also see the breath of life in the paint,white watered down acrlic paint on black water based inks,

Gregory,2012. MoE, Pareidolia series”No.312″.

A small detail of the colourful artistry by Gregory, letting the paint trickle down the canvas and over the underlying inks, mixing paint and ink together makes an interesting paint effect,

Gregory, 2012. MoE, Pareidolia series”No.321″.

A detail of a pareidolia image painted by the accomplished artist Gregory, Gregory is a leading British artist at the cutting edge of contemporary art,UK artist Gregory is collectible and his works will be beneficial investment,

Gregory, “2912”. MoE, Pareidolia series”No.321″.