Drawing and thinking of drawing are not necessarily bed fellows. My conscious activity might well be a debate about some sensational national news , such as “How does a Carr drive a Bentley?…with no income tax…of course,” or ” will Gove make O-levels to the same recipe as in the 60’s, 70’s”?

So I have asked myself is my drawing on auto pilot, how does my mind  know how the creativity is going to go, especially as consciously I am thinking of something else. Has the unconscious mind already decided, and  is controlling my dexterous orchestrations across the paper.

drawings by the artist Gregory of Molecules of Emotion, drawn in ink on white cartridge paper,

Gregory, 2012. MoE drawings, “Wired Emotions” drawing No.1.

I have read that the unconsciousness acts as a storage system of memories. We then are able to take out “action plans” which we have constructed in the past to use. I suppose that is why we have the saying “practice  makes perfect”.

inspiration involves the molecules of emotions wired into the brain which Gregory draws in this picture,

Gregory,2012. MoE drawings “Wired Emotion”, drawing No.2.

It goes to say that the process of creating everyday must build up emotional currency. Emotional currency must be  the name of the game for any artist, to achieve a state  of  “Artists’ Nirvana”, that profound peace of mind that is acquired with liberation.

wired emotions is the title of Gregory;s latest drawing, a drawing of simple design with profound meaning, drawings are for sale,prints are also available direct from the studio of the artist,

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Wired Emotions”, drawing 3

drawings are available to buy direct from the artist Gregory, Gregory draws contemporary images of feelings and minds, molecules of emotion on paper,

Gregory, 2012. MoE “Wired Emotions”, drawing No.4.

I am going to propose that we are wired in someway between the unconscious and the conscious. In turn, our emotions must be wired in a similar way. Good and bad emotions from past experiences must also be filed and stored ready to come to the conscious mind when stimulated by one of the following,… a visual… or auditory… or olfactory(smell)… or somatosensory (touch)…  or gustatory (taste) stimuli.

So to attain any “Nirvana” we  would need to train the brain, somehow, so that the unconscious will not to open “files” which may be detrimental to creativity.

Easier said than done isn’t it ?