First things first, It’s a prerequisite to start the day with a cuppa, I just shoved it on to the corner of my desk, an ideal spot because  I can also easily reach it when I’m painting.

As you can see my desk is in desperate need of some “housework angels”  and as I will be doing the tidying up the standard may not be all that high!!!

the artist's studio belonging to the artist Gregory, a photograph of Gregory's tea mug with his paint brush stuck in it, I love tea is printed on the artist's tea mug on his desk,

My Tea Mug

Well the tea was good, and as you can see, I do not use easels to paint on, just a large table. If I need more room that table is moved out and I  use the floor space.

My art studio looking towards the artist's desk, Gregory prefers to paint on a table rather than an easel,


I can easily get canvases up to 6 ft x 3 ft on to this table, I find it more adaptable than an easel, and as I tend to bump into things a lot, I don’t knock the table over. Especially if I have been on the crystal skull!!