Taking shape is a continuation from the work I was doing earlier. Again they will become the  image maps which we create in our minds, to be stored away for future referencing. Throughout life I have said to my children that I experience life a little differently from anyone else. Not just by the fact that we are unique in ourselves, a one of a kind, but also, I see  my life as a continuum of sequencing images.

Taking shape part 2 is in a portrait position, this i an ink and spray paint drawing by the contemporary artist Gregory, Gregory is a professional modern artist who is a  leading pathfinder in contemporary art practice, Gregory is based in the \midlands of the UK,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.5”

I see pictures (not ghosts), I think in pictures, it’s something I have always done. The number of  images I have stored in my memory files must be in the zillions. I daresay this skill must be at the expense of something else…

Ink and paint drawing on paper showing the beginning of a circle, modern art by the contemporary artist Gregory,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.6”

In No.6 I allowed pooling to occur to add another dimension to the painting, I do enjoy watching how different colours meet together, react and form a new element  with just the physics of movement acting on them at a molecular level.

Gregory is a modern artist based in the Midlands UK, taking shape 7 is the title of Gregory's latest painting on paper,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.7”

As time goes by I have experimented with how the ink touches the paper, the time interval between each element varies as does the strength of application of the brush.

Taking shape 8 is a painting of inks and acrylic paint on paper, white cartridge paper is the base, water based inks are painted on the absorbing surface,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.8”

I painted these in the very early hours of the night, I think it was between 3 and 4 am in the morning. No distractions just a little music………………

Gregory is the artist who paints work in his collection called Molecules of Emotion, Molecules of Emotions is made up of many series of paintings by the contemporary artist Gregory,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.9”

lalalalalalalal, de lala la, well that’s enough of that ridiculous attempt at singing along to the music…Ah! Yes, the lack of skill which I have exchanged for seeing my life in pictures!!

Twenty-first century artist Gregory painted this ink and paint painting,red and black ink on paper,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Taking shape No.10”