Last night I was sitting at my table in the studio enjoying a long cool beer, mmm, when I put my tankard on to a piece of paper. When I lifted my beer up again I noticed I had left a cool pattern on the paper, and I did this a couple of more times added an ink wash and here are my results.

ink drawing with print and brush work by the artist Gregory which is part of his molecules of emotion, black ink print with yellow ink brushed on with ox tail brush, ink a

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Bottom of my Beer Tankard No.1.”

This is just another fun aspect of being an artist, in producing something which initially was created without any thought. The thought of painting was truly an after thought.

Just a random act, wonderful. If only this would occur all the time, perhaps I need to drink more beers during the day, NO,… I would fall asleep and nothing would get done.

An ink print and wash by the artist Gregory, Gregory paints for his collection Molecules of emotion,Modern and contemporary art is a stimulating visual experience from Gregory,

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Bottom of my Beer Tankard No.2.”

ink print and ink wash painting by the artist Gregory, Gregory's art is modern and bought by many corporate business',corporate art is highly sought from the artist Gregory,

Gregory, 2012. MoE, “Bottom of my Beer Tankard No.3.”