The Boundaries within Taking Shape…What I am trying to describe is an experience of pulling images from the unconscious before they become a  conscious image. A very small time frame which the memory of an image form, a prototype image encoded to become a conscious picture in some virtual space, the mind’s eye.

I am aware of the power of the brain to produce images, and dreaming is just one  example. Today my thoughts have been about the time which the image is coming into being, especially when I am doing a series of paintings.

2012 ink painting titled "Boundaries,No.1" dy the contemporary artist Gregory,Gregory works in a variety of artistic styles and media in his collection Molecules of Emotion,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Boundaries, No.1.”

From the first painting I have a memory or image map which is stored in the brain’s filing system. I can then recall that image whilst painting the next in the series.

I think I can produce paintings from memories within both the conscious and unconscious parts of my brain.  Because even when I feel my conscious is preoccupied with the task of painting and on many other things such as music, I can still produce a painting in the series.

Titled "Boundaries" these ink paintings forms part of the Molecules of emotions collection by the modern artist Gregory, painted in 2012 they are about the boundaries which exist between the conscious and unconscious state,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Boundaries, No.2”

The work becomes experimental, in respect of allowing the painting to be on “auto pilot”. I feel assured that this may produce the best of results, but time and practice will hopefully give me the results.

Gregory is the artist who painted this ink painting titled "Boundaries No.2", Gregory is based in the Midlands and is a professional international artist, he applies modern research into his art,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Boundaries No.3”

Gregory 2012 water soluble ink painting titled "Boundaries No.2", by the contemporary artist Gregory,much sought after art by national and international art collectors,

Gregory,2012. MoE “Boundaries No.4”

"Boundaries No.5" an ink painting by the contemporary artist Gregory, ink on paper painting with figures manifesting under an orange coloured background

Gregory,2012. MoE “Boundaries No.5”

Though I now have more questions which need to be answered! Truly life is full of questions which may never be answered, but it stimulates my artistic process, therefore its OK.