Can~B, another Molecule of Reflection

Can ” B” has been sitting around my studio for a few weeks, in fact, I think I will draw up a rental agreement for it !… Well “can~be” is better than “plan b”, because of its practicalities. First of all, unopened, the can be used as a door stop. Opened it  becomes nutritious, and once eaten, you can beg for a living…especially  in these austere times.

Peach can titled "canbe" by the artist Gregory,one of your five a day peaches can be used as a career choice especially for artists,

Gregory,2012.   MoE,”Can~be”

I think that all school leavers and the unemployable e.g. sacked bankers and artists, should have a “canbe.”


Being a wannabe is not the same as having or being a can~be . Can~be is more positive approach to your predicament, you canbe what you want to be without being a vacuous wannabe.

Just peel off the lid , and spoon in a cool slice of peach. Take this time to meditate your true direction and then write it down. Dont accept second best, or be pushed into parental desires, do what feels right for you, go for it.

No, life isn’t a bed of roses, but you can make it peachy if you consider your choices and remember only you can make these important decisions.Can-be is a life choice pursued by artists, an idea thought about by a leading UK artist Gregory

Remember, a tin of peaches is one of your five a day! Are you going to be a can~be?

  • Can~b an artist
  • Can~b positive
  • Can~b humorous
  • Can~b ollocks
  • Can~b vodka monster
  • Can~b conceptual art…

See where this is going, well amuse me and add your own witty ditty’s below

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