Being interested in how the mind works and its expression as art, I enjoyed a recent visual experience and the interview between David Manley and the artist Sarah Keys at the DMAG. I also have a great love of nature, especially birds, and I found the paintings very interesting. In Sarah’s paintings, she has weaved a narrative about death.

Why death ? Well, Sarah has spent some time working with the taxidermy collection of the Derby museum to gain inspiration for her work.  Here are a few of her paintings, (all painted in acrylic) and you can visit Sarah Key’s website.  Visitors to the exhibition information is available at  Derby Museum &Art Gallery.

Our Days Could Not Be Counted, 2012 by Sarah Key

Our Days Could Not Be Counted, 2012

Ready To Run, 59.5x90cm, 2012, acrylic painting by Sarah Key

Ready To Run, 2012

artist Sarah Key collection Watching you without me, 2012

Watching you without me. A feeling for ghosts, 2012