For the past few weeks I have been working with a fellow artist…Tim Wallbank of Derby. We have been working with other artists to produce a series of projects based around the City of Derby, and together we have built a maquette with the dimensions of approximately 4×4 ft by 8ft high. The essence of the piece is atmosphere and contemporary satirical humour, and what could be better than the dead and evil Sa’Vile and from TV land’s X factor,Rylan with his public explosion of emotion.

collaborative installation by the artists Gregory and Wallbank 2012 Derby,

Gregory & Wallbank 2012 Satyrical Installation

Going from the bottom to the top we can see “Ozbana”, being whisked off by hurricane sandy. Now that we know the outcome of Ozbana’s journey he can now set himself firmly back into the White House.

Then we have Prince Harry’s Royal jewels on display,the precious ones’ of course! Sailing like E.T above Harry’s head is the UK politician Andrew Mitchell, who is busy taking the pleb out of the police on Downing Street.

Then we have the very  “recent” expose of the pedophile Monsieur Sa’Vile, well Jimmy you truly did fix it for the vulnerable of GB.

Then flying the flag is our “Maj”, showing us her “sense of humour”, there are many other worldwide figures we would’ve included in our satirical show, but space was limited.

Gregory and Wallbank 2012 installation,twenty first century humour

P’Nick-eo felt the right name for Clegg (liberal pol) as his nose is constantly growing and we all know why don’t we children,  though the “Walking Dead” has other needs wanting to be satisfied , Clegg’s lengthening nose  looks highly attractive…then we’ve the hyper-emotional Rylan Clark just doing his best performance on X factor…(please chastise your children at an early age to avoid adults of this quality!)

The key to this work lies in the hidden message of the All Stars Converse by Oscar Niemeyer. Also you will also need to understand the work of Tessa Farmer’s Insectory…for it isn’t for us to tell you the narrative of this work, you can take a superficial glance and walk on, that’s your choice, or work out the connectivity of the elements……now that may require a little thought.

Gregory and Wallbank 2012 installation Derby 2012,Gregory is a contemporary artist his studio is in Derby,

Gregory and Wallbank installation Derby 2012.