Standing with colours passing by with uneasyness of tremor as you grasp on to life….is it dreaming shapes grow and repeat , won’t you follow me down , down to the depths of an artists thoughts, where I can be as one, half in life , half in dream, it’s nearly over , then comes the end…Awakening, are these shadows of my soul? Reflections of the angst the horror the missed opportunities, the life one wishes only to become a regret, a cathartic flow of old dreams, many long forgotten, some half remembered , but none the less a memory once bright, once wished, once cherished.

Am I standing on a path of black? No, is my answer, because form and colour are all around me. I am trying to understand the philosophy, the verisimilitude of my theories of truthfulness of colour,and is it only my feelings or just optical  interpretations  which are flowing in my mind like a great river, thoughts interacting and assembling within a millisecond to bring a new truth of my personal imaginarium.


1) Soul: essence of self, for me, it is a humanistic element.

Acrylic painting by the contemporary artist Gregory it is a mix of white and blue paint on a black background.

Gregory, MoE “What is colour?” Acrylic on canvas 10×15, 2012