I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Japanese artist Hokusai, even if not by name, definitely by a couple of his very familiar works, the first and foremost that of the Great Wave.

The great wave by japaneseedo period artist Hokusai…and “A sudden gust of wind “A sudden gust of wind by the japanese artist Hokusai

I know it has been done a few times by other artists, such as the one below” a sudden Gust of wind,” by Jeff Wall, 1993 (after~Hokusai).

Jeff Wall, a sudden gust of windI have spent some weeks now working on my own interpretation of the work, I find the flowing lines irresistible, and I hope to capture a few of these in my sculpture.

My approach will be somewhat different, otherwise what’s the point. I have addressed the situation from a three-dimensional interpretation and as you can see it is still in the early part of construction, but I’m confident that I will complete the installation within the next few weeks. It is also interesting to see the final results, I do have a mental image of the completed sculpture and those of the work in progress, I hope the two images merge as one.

As you can tell I’m not a secretive person and I like to let people see my work as it progresses… not all of it though. Would that just become boring?

PS. The sculptures are made from heat moulded plywood, manipulated by hand and they measure between 16 inches high and 36 inches for the large piece which is lying horizontally.