These are my preliminary surface drawings for my sculptural pieces,  “After a sudden gust of wind” : after Hokusai.

surface image created digitally by the artist Gregory,

Gregory, MoE 2ai, 2013.

I have drawn about 25 or so drawings over the past couple of days, and I have liked these three drawings the best, I will now contemplate wether or not to use all the elements of the drawings or just a selection from each to decorate my sculptures…if any at all.

Digital drawings by Gregory to be used on his sculptures.

Gregory, MoE 7ai, 2013.

I was talking with the sculptor Mike Shaw (Dr.Shaw) a few weeks ago, and he was saying how effective using one colour can be in pulling the sculpture together, a technique used quiet effectively by Anthony Caro, whose exhibition I visited last year at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire…Sir Anthony Caro part 1.

Perhaps by filling these drawings with a single colour could be a positive direction in which to take this work. I will have to see…

Digital drawings using adobe illustrator software by the artist Gregory,

Gregory, MoE 20ai, 2013.