Revolve: series 1, 2013

revolve model sculpture by Gregory

Revolve 1: July 2013


1. To orbit a central point.
2. To turn on an axis; rotate.
3. To recur in cycles or at periodic intervals.
4. To be held in the mind and considered in turn.
5. To be centred.

Any or all of the above explanations of the word revolve may be applied to each of my works, though those are just the basic elements of these sculptures. You have to add an essential activity, that of an emotional exchange between myself and you.

revolve 2 is a model of a future sculpture by Gregory

Revolve 2: July 2013.

Then there’s the transient factors we need to take into consideration, especially how the interplay of light acts on each piece, and how the shadows  fall through the work. I believe this active dimension adds to the overall aesthetics which can make a sculpture successful.

Revolve 3 sculpture by Gregory

Revolve 3: July 2013.

I’m intrigued by the pull these pieces have on me, they contain energy , a positive energy of movement and ownership of the space which they occupy. With their ownership of space comes a delivery of exchanging emotional between us. Does this work speak to you? I could easily say that I’m not bothered and I just create art for the sake of filling in my time, but that isn’t the case, I am bothered and I do want to have a conversation with you through my art.

contemporary sculpture by the artist Gregory

Revolve 4:  July 2013.

As the artist I feel that there is natural flow of energy between myself and the material , it is a symbiotic relationship, which means we both benefit from each other, though honestly, I feel there’s a greater percentage of benefits in my favour.

Sculpture by Gregory, double loop and cross is number 4 in the revolve series

Revolve 5: July 2013

Modern sculpture from the artist Gregory moving dynamic sculpture

Revolve 6: July 2013