I was out and about at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday, when my curiosity to find out who was breaking the idyllic quietness of the countryside with an angle grinder squealing against steel, got the better of me. Thankfully and to my surprise I turned the corner to see a full-sized elephant having his toe nails tidied up by a young man sitting between the elephants legs.

Sculptor Brian Fell's elephant at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

He stopped his work and acknowledge me as I leant on the fence admiring his work, when from an entrance of a large warehouse  to my right I was greeted by the sculptor Brian Fell who told me about his work, and that the elephant would eventually be set inside a huge Viking long-boat. On completion, this work is going to be transported to Liverpool. I will keep an eye open for details of when this is going to happen.

You can visit his website…Brian Fell

Brian Fell, Sculptor