I have an exhibition this summer for which I have selected three of my ideas to create.  I thought it would be interesting to record my practice from the beginning to the final exhibition of my sculptures.

My work has drawn on the elements from my past experience as an anatomist, and brought those ideas together with my interests in how the mind works and the functional processes that make us what we are.

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Gregory,”Thought projection”, February 2014.

With  the idea of “Thought projection” I have already reached a point where change is necessary, in that I will remove the base area seen in this drawing, allowing the vessels to take a distinct element for themselves and for the weight of the body to flow through to the ground, I feel the purpose of the vessels will be to act like an anchor, allowing the viewer to imagine what the object is doing and where the vessels are going. The form will give you a feeling of curiosity and intrigue, which will require your imagination to play an interrogative part in the dialogue with this sculpture.

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Gregory, “Tower of Thought”, 2014.

Ive titled this piece “Tower of thought” because of it has a strong  presence within its space, like a tower, it is observing the viewer. Watching, learning and growing. I already know that I will need to add something…especially to the surface texture of the central area and possibly the base.

Gregory,"Regeneration", February 2014.

Gregory,”Regeneration”, February 2014.

For me, I feel this sculpture will hold its own, I particularly find the lines strong and the form will be communicative with the viewer, and so I titled this “Regeneration” a positive word, about a  period of growth and stability within the context of a body, or a group or community.I think I may put a piece of casted metal on the top as if it is a spear point forcing its way skyward.

I have already started some small maquettes and I will post these here as soon as I can. This is going to be an exciting time this week with working out the armatures required to support these sculptures.