Tower of Thought ,sculpture,contemporary sculpture,anatomical sculpture,art,

Gregory, MoE. “Tower of Thought” 2014.

This week I’ve scaled up “Tower of Thought” to the half a metre mark, in fact all the three sculptures in this family group will be just over the half a metre scale. I have used scrim coated with plaster to coat over the armature, and the detailing will begin next week before starting on the other two pieces.

I must also check my table covering for scribbles that may mean something…ideas that is for future works, I tend to scribble ideas down all over the studio and I must admit that some just end up in the rubbish bin, I know, lost masterpieces…not…lol.

Tower of Thought ,sculpture,contemporary sculpture,anatomical sculpture,art,plaster sculpture,

Gregory, MoE. “Tower of Thought” 2014.