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Critical thinking was conceived during an episode of pain, and with my dexterity compromised I needed a lighter medium with which to work. Expanding foam became the answer and after a few weeks of learning to use this new medium Critical thinking slowly appeared and took shape.This sculpture attracted quiet an interest during the Sisyphus exhibition, in fact I felt really good that people were interested in my work and wanted to talk to me about it.

I will continue to use this process and develop my own language, hopefully into a coherent body of work for all to appreciate.

sculpture,Gregory,foam,sand,waste pipe,

Gregory, 2014 Critical thinking


Carving into foam was also a new experience for me, one which I took to like the proverbial duck, I used a long bladed knife  with serrated edges to make the rough shape, then finished it off with a Bosch oscillating multi tool. Then I used extremely fine black sand and built up the layers to the required depth. even leaving loose sand to migrate into the cracks and crevices, giving it a life of its own.

It certainly held its own during the show mounted 100cm on top of a modelling stand, its own dimensions being 1500x500x450 mm.