Iv’ve been squirelling away in the studio making a few models that I would like to share with my friends and followers. Here is the first,appropriately titled Contemplation No.1. This is made from marble dust and is approximately 350mm in diameter.

sculpture by the artist Gregory, this work is titled contemplation 1

Gregory, 2014, Contemplation 1

The second piece, that is nearing completion is Thoughts of escape, again about 350mm in diameter, chrome finish and this is suspended about 1 metre off the ground and tethered by galvanised steel chain to stop it from wandering.

New contemporary sculpture by Gregory

Gregory, 2014, Thoughts of Escape.

I have four more pieces in production and all being well I will show you these before the Christmas break. After the holidays I will start making the full sized pieces, I will need a new studio to accommodate them all soon.