Sculpture by the artist Gregory, Possibilities VI made in the autumn of 2014

Gregory, Possibilities VI, 2014

A powdered blue finish on wire works effectively against the grey, with powder gentle settling on the surface giving the impression of internal movement, an ambiguity of existence and non-existence, what messages are contained inside, good, bad or indifferent, that is for you to decide, or does this work hold no meaning to you whatsoever.

A dangerous customer

So what? I ask of myself, if it has meaning or not, it had to some input from me to create it in the first place. Though I will admit that I had help from a couple of friends who offered a few alternative ideas to the powdered finish and the suggested CR5 crystalline silica…caution this is a dangerous substance causing silicosis. I will be looking for a less hazardous substance, if anyone knows what alternatives are available please drop me a line. Though i would like to keep the powder effect and the intensity of the colour.