It has been an interesting journey over the past four years, starting an art career from scratch is daunting to say the least, and to squeeze in a Fine art degree was awesome in itself though I know I have moved away from my original focus. Having therefore given myself some time to re-think I have decided to return to the beginning, with a term I coined as my molecules of emotion.

The way the cognitive processes are acting on my work can be seen in my earlier blog posts, and combining that with my earlier scientific career I shall build on the foundation I started in 2011.

I have produced a couple of images in my sketch book to get the ball rolling so to speak.

pencil drawing,Gregory 2015

MoE 1, coloured pencil drawing on paper,Gregory 2015

9 x 6 ins

pencil drawing

MoE 2. 9 x 6 ins, coloured pencil on paper, Gregory 2015.




pencil drawing,Gregory 2015

MoE 3. 9 x 6 ins coloured pencil on paper, Grgeory 2015.