My work with anatomical forms continues, they have inspired some unusual images that strongly appeal to me as an artist and have produced a great deal of positive comments over the beginning of this year from my followers. This is my latest collage, which at this time remains without a title.




Ink A4, 2016

It hasn’t been drawing at all this week, I’ve been busy uploading some of my drawings to a print company. I will be trialing this to see if it is worth the time. You will find the link on my sales page should you wish to take a look.


Defining a line within my work is not just an arbitrary decision, it has to be correct or the final result becomes inferior and the work will not see the light of day. I have been working with lines all week in my journal and the element has not been easy to work with.



Thank you to the artist Alessandro of for the comment on my Instagram account which has now formed the title of this post “Aura for the brain” . With the focus of my work based on the imaginative process of the brain and how I see these molecules of emotion Alessandro read the work correctly and that makes me very happy.



The daily journal work continues on Instagram, which has proven to be a successful venue for placing my  ideas out there. Here are a few more that may well progress on to finished works later this year. My  Instagram address is at sculptureuk_org


molecules of emotion 2016

1.Ink marker pen A4, 2016

Ink marker pen A4, drawing by Roger Gregory

2.Ink marker pen A4, 2016



3. Ink marker pen, 2016

We all know about colourful emotions, and these drawings represent a few which I have done this passed couple of days. My future pieces will be even more elaborate with such paintings being completed in chrome and old victorian gold. I will look forward to showing those…after my new studio is up and running.

Whilst making these drawings in my journal I was thinking about how we experience the act of disseminating emotions throughout the body. Is it purely chemical? Or electrical?Or a combination of the two, or is there a more elaborate system that centres within the brain that causes the virtual experience which we act upon.


pencil and marker pen A4, 2016

molecules of emotion

pencil and marker pen A4, 2016

I have expressed the means of mobility as these unknown elements move about delivering their messages to ourselves and depending on their strength the outward signs we display to the felt emotion.

molecules of emotion

pencil A4 2016

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